Wednesday, 14 December 2016

DIY Christmas Fans!

I feel like a washed up old boyband as I resurrect my blog. Since having my daughter, I feel so out of touch with it as I try and remember the steps, the words and the lyrics- all whilst looking a bit tired and bloated (I'll blame the mince pies).

Instagram has become my mini-blog since becoming a mum- it's so full of amazing homes and inspiring ideas- and not to mention THE loveliest interiors community. Thank you so much to those who follow me on Instagram and for your support and kind comments, it's given me the confidence boost I needed as I embark on a new chapter in my life- kinda like a member of East-17 might feel when given another shot at a career (I can only remember Brian Harvey. Maybe there was a Tony in there too..?)

This blog post actually came about as I posted a picture of some paper fans I made for Christmas decorations and to my surprise, some of you asked how I made them- so this is for you!

I'm a teacher by trade, so I hope my instructions are clear (don't tell OFSTED if they're not) - here goes:

What you'll need:
- Good quality wrapping paper/ coloured paper
- Stapler
- Scissors
- Thread
- Sellotape

Any size goes with these fans- so it's up to you! Try and choose paper that has the grid on the back- if it doesn't use the pattern on the front to help you cut in straight(ish) lines.

Cut your piece of paper, then split it in two so you have equal sizes:

Fold your paper like so, then turn it over and fold it again, in concertina style- keep going until you have a strip of paper:

Both sides of your strip should have the patterned side on it- if it doesn't cut off any excess:


Measure your fold against the first strip you've done so they're the same width- repeat the steps to make the second strip:

Nearly there! Fold your two strips in half. For the next steps, you need to have the back of your paper facing upwards:

Run a length of thread underneath your folded strips- this'll make it easier to tie:

Tie a tight double knot:

Pull the gaps together and staple them together on the back of your strips:

Sorry, I got distracted:

Cue Bon Jovi- Woah, we're half way there. Make sure you keep your thread out the way and that it doesn't escape to the front of your fan:

When you've finished stapling the strips together (on bigger fans, you'll need to do a few staples to close the gaps), take your thread and sellotape it to the edge of the fan:

Ta da!

Make as many as you can handle, you'll get quicker as you go!

So there you have it- how to make your own fans. I'll forward it to East-17; they'll feel popular again in no time.

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