Wednesday, 2 October 2019


Boilers... something that we don't give much thought to, or really consider as a thing of interest, until of course it's the middle of winter, and you find yours has packed in. Again.

We moved to our home in February 2015, and since then, our poor, knackered old boiler has needed assistance at least once a winter, with a couple of call outs in between- talk about attention seeking!

The eyesore. Complete with dodgy, exposed wire.

Fast forward the clock to the summer of 2019, and I was bowled over when the lovely people at Worcester Bosch approached me to collaborate on their latest Style boiler, which is part of the Greenstar range. There were a number of reasons why I jumped at this opportunity: firstly, as mentioned, our boiler was in dire need of a serious upgrade. Thankfully, The Style is brand new to the market and is the first of its kind, with its modern features and design- win. It comes in a high gloss white or black (that's what we went for), and doesn't compromise on performance- win, win. Secondly, our boiler was originally placed in the study and was an eyesore, so if I was going to have a boiler in there, I'd rather it was a gorgeous looking feature, but also one that is so quiet, it still allows for a library-quiet environment when working from home.

The Style is a stunning feature, and has inspired me to finally sort this whole room out, to bring it up to speed with the boiler.

When installation day came, I was like a child on Christmas morning when Lee, Clinton and Bradley from Aquaheat came to work their magic. They kept me informed with any aesthetic decision that needed to be made, and were crystal clear with explaining how the boiler worked, and to top it all off, they were so tidy-  extra bonus points from me! After a very long day, and numerous cups of tea later, they went on their way, and James and I were thrilled with the prospect of a peaceful winter!

Clinton made sure I was happy with the positioning before it went on the wall.


As typical English weather goes, we have had to switch our heating on for those chillier mornings and evenings, and now I can do this from the comfort of my own bed (or from a bed the other side of the world, for that matter) thanks to the Bosch EasyControl app that I have on my phone! Easy to use, and also smart, as it alerts you to system errors, i.e., when your water pressure is dropping, and it's thanks to this smart technology that will save you a call out to a plumber and a hefty bill.

Easy to use, and oh so convenient; the EasyControl app allows me to control my heating and see how my system is performing.

The EasyControl app also allows you to see how efficient and consumptive your system is, but also you can programme your heating if you prefer a less ad hoc approach. The fact that I can now control my heating remotely, has overcome my dilemma of being away for the weekend, and coming back to a freezing cold house; perfect when you have little people who you want to whisk off to bed upon arrival..! When at home, you can also control the heating from the boiler itself, or by using the state of the art EasyControl thermostat, which you can place in any room in your home for your ease and convenience, both can be easily used by using their 'touch' buttons.

The beautifully designed thermostat, that is also fool proof!

We have been bowled over by the Greenstar Style boiler, and we are no longer apologising for having a boiler on display. So much so, I am wondering when the time will come where we have family or friends visiting and I don't say: "Have you seen our new boiler yet?! You haven't? Follow me!"

We're now very proud to keep the study door open, thanks to the Style boiler!

This blog was written as part of a collaboration with Worcester Bosch. All words and opinions are my own.


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