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Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. There are some collabs that just work without question and IKEA and HAY are no exception- they're the Scandi combo of dreams and it's not hard to see why they would join forces, through their shared love for the 'beauty of basics' as they say, and I was lucky enough to receive a selection of products to review.

I mean... look at it all, it's a faffer's dream!
Unless, like me, you're a die hard fan of IKEA (those that have followed me since back in the day, know that one of my guest bedrooms is basically a shrine to the blue and yellow Gods), you will know that they consistently deliver products of ergonomic design that are timeless and built to last. Some people are under the misconception that because their products are excellent value for money and you have to assemble it yourself, that they're too good to be true. Well, I'm glad that HAY didn't feel this way, as they have put interesting slants on recognisable IKEA designs, right down to their iconic blue bag.

Not even the bags could escape a HAY makeover. (Pic from Ikea).
HAY was founded by husband and wife team Rolf and Mette Hay in Denmark in 2002 and any design or interiors fanatics will be well aware of their modern and clean approach to design; it's slightly surprising that this collab hasn't happened sooner. What makes this meeting of minds even better, is that the pieces, in true IKEA style, are all priced very competitively; I have a feeling the range will sell out quicker than you can say YPPERLIG.

Making the magic happen: husband and wife team- Rolf and Mette Hay (Pic from IKEA).
My favourite piece is the coffee table, which wouldn't look out of place and could hold its own in a Nordic boutique hotel. For me, its simplicity is what's most striking; a beautiful matte black powder coated top, sitting prettily on rounded lacquered birch legs- versatile for any space within your home and a steal at £35. To assemble it is just as simple (I did both in less than 5 minutes) and I have a feeling that these will sell like hot cakes...

This table will never date- a true iconic classic.
With the design and price briefs met, some sceptics looking for the catch will think that comfort has taken a back seat- no pun intended. Well, they'd be wrong! The three seater sofa, which doubles up as a single bed, considers both purposes, meaning that the careful design decision to use a sprung mattress not only makes for a good seat, but also a good night's sleep. It is also absolutely huge and I love its sleek design and look. It can be assembled very quickly- the manual suggests two people, but I managed it on my lonesome and had a 'this girl can' moment when it was done; just don't tell IKEA I did it sans companion...

I might try and start a row with James before bed so I get to come and sleep on here.
The smaller pieces and accessories are absolutely gorgeous- Mette's speciality is this area- one of my fave pieces is the candle holder (£3 each- amazing!), with its cascading circular base and it comes in three colours- dark grey, light green and a grey green (my fave colour of the three) and for anyone who is a fan of a shelfie (I'm guiltier than OJ Simpson), the wall shelf will give you hours of fun, as the elasticated bars holds books, pictures and small trinkets and it is perfect for narrower spaces. It looks like something that you would scour high end Scandi interiors websites for, except the difference is that it is £12. Yes, you read that correctly- £12. That's two pints in some London establishments!

Gorgeous candle holders- the small ones (set of 3 for £4.95) can hold either candles or tealights.
Shelf perfection- perfect for any room, and any space.
For a more bespoke vibe, the hand painted vases, that come in two different designs and colour schemes, look like something you might buy in a trendy pop up market. I love it's matte finish and what struck me initially, was that this was the one item that I haven't really seen from IKEA before. It looks amazing with fresh or dried flowers, or even just as it is.

Two vase designs that work together and on their own.
This is a collab that has made me fall even more in love with IKEA (if that was possible), and I hope this is not the last we see of this power pairing. Click here to see the whole YPPERLIG range. You're welcome.

This blog post is sponsored by IKEA.

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  1. Smart updates! I've been debating using Ikea cabinetry to hack into a custom wardrobe for our bedroom.


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