Hello! I'm Lucinda and since leaving London with my husband and my job as teacher to become a Mum, I've been having a ball doing up our first home. As we don't have an unlimited supply of disposable income, I have done 99% of the painting and decorating myself and have loved the process so far. For me, keeping costs low without compromising on style is key and I have always wanted to call myself a 'Project Manager'; it makes me feel like I'm on my own version of Grand Designs, except there's no Kevin McCloud or a hard hat in sight- just little old me. Feel free to browse through my home here or on my Instagram page @nest_twenty_eight thank you for stopping by! x


  1. Great blog! Am laughing as we have very similar taste indeed! Congratulations on your new baby 😍 Look forward to seeing your future posts xxx

  2. Aw, thank you Lisa! We do have very similar style, but yours is definitely what I'm aiming for; I've got a long way to go! You have given me a lot of inspiration. Xxx

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