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There are things in life that are certain: death and taxes. On a less morbid note, we also need to find time to sleep. When we moved from our rented flat in London to our first home here in East Sussex, James and I had never owned a bed, which of course meant we didn't own a mattress either. Did we enjoy being reminded of the previous dwellers every time we changed the bed and saw the dribble patches that resembled a pirate's map? No. But did we care enough to buy a new one? No. Why? Because it was temporary. We would just put a mattress protector on and pretend it didn't exist. A few years ago, a bed was merely a place for us to rest our heads before work or crash after one too many or... read the paper on a lazy Sunday morning.

With no dribble marks in sight, I could definitely see us reading the Sunday papers in here. If only Sienna would let us..!

When we moved here nearly 3 years ago, and as anyone who has bought a home is well aware of, the deposit (and the dreaded Stamp Duty) is a financial killer, which doesn't leave you with loads of disposable wonga to play about with. Scraping our remaining pennies together, James and I were certain about two things (aside from death etc.): we wanted a decent sofa (which we still love, by the way) and that we wanted our first proper bed to be awesome to not only look at, but to sleep in too. Little did we know, was that within a month of us moving in, I was pregnant with Sienna and the notion of sleep would soon be redefined...

I wish the Cloud was in my life when I was heavily pregnant with Sienna...

We were nearing our moving day and were still searching high and low for a bed store that gave a high end look without the shocking price tag. We asked friends (some of their ideas of 'cheap' were anything but) and after another go on Google, visited Warren Evans really cool store in Clapham. I was really pleasantly surprised at the range they had to try in store, as we were complete novices, but also the choice of wood and finishes they could come in, because let's face it, there's nothing more annoying than finding your dream investment piece, for it be only available in claret and not the matte black you're pining over. No pun intended.

As we were making an investment, we loved that Warren Evans beds and furniture are guaranteed for 10 years, are all made sustainably in London and are affordable; it's the way it's always been since the company was established 38 years ago, so we knew it was a brand we could trust. After lots of lying down and the occasional bounce (make of that what you will), we finally settled on the Siesta in the Satin Elm finish. Why? It's sturdy and solid, there's storage opportunities and it's so versatile to style; those who have followed me for a while will know that my bedroom has had many different looks (some more questionable than others... I shall say no more), but the Siesta has always been a show stopper.

Our much loved Warren Evans Siesta bed making the perfect home for the Tempur Cloud Deluxe mattress.

Fast forward the clock nearly three years, and when Warren Evans offered me the opportunity to try the new Deluxe range from Tempur, I jumped at the chance. I went to the Brighton store (again, another really cool space, check it out below!), to try the Original (firm), Sensation (med/firm) and the Cloud (med) mattresses. I was really surprised that I went for the Cloud, as traditionally I like a harder, sprung mattress, but I instantly loved the soft, luxurious feel and it made me go 'ahhhh' when I laid down, which can never be a bad thing in bed, right?!

I mean, have you ever seen a cooler bed store?! The Warren Evans Brighton store, showing you how to do nautical in the right way.
I can hear the sea just by looking at this pic: ahoy, me hearties!

Delivery day came last Friday, and as I was the first delivery of the day, two men arrived at my front door at 7:45am and were promptly upstairs in my bedroom (to those with curious minds, that was the first time I've had two men in my bedroom at that hour, or any other, for that matter...) fitting the mattress. I was slightly gutted that I had a full day to wait until we could try it out, but when bedtime finally arrived, I was like a boarding school master on dorm night duty, hurrying James along to brush his teeth and get into bed ready for 'lights out'. I tell you what, the Cloud felt like, well, a cloud and whichever position you lie in, you feel secure, settled and supported as the top layer of the memory foam moulds to the contours of your body, whatever shape you may be; even Kim K is catered for.

Here comes the science: what makes the Tempur Cloud Deluxe so snuggly (pic courtesy of Tempur UK).

Before, I was one of those people that would declare that they could sleep anywhere, be it a sofa, a blow up mattress or if I'd had enough lemonades on a student night out, in a nightclub toilet. However, since the Cloud, I've found that as soon as I get in to bed, I find my sleeping position for the night much quicker, as I'm 'cuddled' and held in place better than before. I'm tossing and turning less, which overall has meant a better night's sleep for me. I've even found that I've ditched pillows completely, and lie like I'm on a massage table, as it really feels THAT good from head to toe and sleep like a baby (why do people say this?!).

James, who definitely didn't think that memory foam mattresses were a big deal before, is now a founding member of The Cloud Convert Club; he has a dodgy shoulder courtesy of an old rugby injury, and he feels that the Cloud is kinder on his ailments. Anyone who works long hours, or is a parent will understand that getting the best possible sleep that your circumstantial clock will allow, is unbelievably important. James' alarm goes off at 4:45 most mornings and on average in the week we try to go to bed and sleep by 10:30, so that we can both get through the week without feeling like we want to bite each other's heads off and have a nice date night come Friday, otherwise it would be really awks.

Anyone thinking of getting a new mattress for the new year, I would really urge you to consider the Tempur range at Warren Evans because you are dealing with two leading experts in their fields. If you needed any more proof, Warren Evans was the highest rated UK mattress shop in the Which? Members 'Best Mattress Retailers' survey in 2017. As we spend on average, a staggering 26 years asleep, it's amazing that people aren't willing to invest as much into their sleep as they would perhaps in a designer handbag or luxury holiday. Shakespeare himself wrote: 'We are such stuff/ As dreams are made on, and our little life/ Is rounded with sleep', so if he's advocating it, then it must be true. One thing is certain; sleeping away from home will be a lot harder now; leaving the bed is tough enough, so thank goodness I've got Sienna as my human alarm clock!

You can use the code WETEMPUR online or in any Warren Evans store, for a further £50 off (they're already really reduced in the sales!), valid until March 5th 2018.

Thank you for reading, I'm sure you can guess, but I'm off for a lie down..!

Are you a troubled sleeper? Do you need tips on how to help your children sleep? Check out Warren Evans' resident sleep expert Dave Gibson's blog here for his top tips on getting a good night's sleep: or


1) Keep your hours consistent
2) Relax before bedtime
3) Don't work late and put the technology away
4) Check your mattress if you have disturbed sleep
5) Do regular exercise and have a healthy diet
For more great sleep tips visit 

If you need me, you'll find me here!

This post was sponsored by Warren Evans and Tempur.


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